Thursday, June 27, 2019

Facing the Consequences of Spreading News

As the morning steps in signaling the start of another day of work or in school, most people have the habit of not just taking breakfast with a favorite cereal or bread with coffee but usually, taking the time if not talking with family members, it’s reading the news on paper. Most people have the curiosity of what is going on around their country or in the other parts of the world. Some may just want to read on the how the stock market is going or if their favorite team wins the championship in a tournament. Some may get stock reading on the bad tragedies striking other people in different places or in the neighboring town; what is the current measure taken by the government in addressing the current issues the country or state is facing; the recent updates on the controversial investigations conducted by the police; the new issues the local and national government is facing as well as the country’s relations with other countries or just trying to get by each day by reading the latest gossip about the famous people in the lime light today. Aside from most people find reading these articles to be entertaining, they get informed as to what is the latest news most people were talking about.

The news that most people learn from the different media allows one to think and react about the latest events from politics, entertainment industry, business, sports, practical living and many other issues. Some may not be convinced with what they’ve gathered from the media who delivered the news and may react against it. Most of the times, people who disagree with the news they’ve heard will condemn the person or group of people who came up with the said news. They sometimes give their feedbacks by sending emails to the company the media people are working with or sometimes even the company gets the blame.

Gathering news and spreading information and details to the people may not always do a good turn to people who are obliged to do this duty. Sometimes, they are faced with bigger challenges of defending their story whenever people will question the contents of the story, they shared to the people. People may sometimes question the credibility of the company and person who came up with the story. Usually, people who wrote or broadcast news will always have a target in their backs that any time of the day, they may find themselves going up for legal battles with the kind of work they are in. Even paparazzi or photographers take shots of famous people may find themselves in trouble and in danger of getting in a fight because they may have to break in the personal and private life of the people they are trying to get photos of. The pictures they captured can generate a lot of stories and each person may have misinterpreted what these pictures meant.

There are even some people who may place their lives at risk just to let the public be informed. Journalists travel to the most dangerous places in the planet just like when there are places, which are suffering various kinds of calamities like fires, hurricanes, landslides, volcanic eruptions and other disasters. They not only get to witness the kind of suffering the affected people are going through, but even they may experience themselves. One may even hear journalists being kidnapped by terrorists in a foreign land or journalists who are killed after exposing scandals, which usually involved influential people who are mostly in the field of politics and business. There are even some people who get themselves in trouble because of the bogus reports they created, and probably they are just trying to make a buzz in order for them to get recognized.

These people will do the best they can and may usually find resources in order to deliver reliable news to the interested people. No matter how the news affects us, it will always be a part of our world since most of us wanted to know information and details on what is going on around us. You are free to express your opinions and ideas. However, you just make sure that you have the basis for every report you are planning to share to the public.